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About Us

The founders of Fortis ERC have more than 30 years of industry experience. This expertise allows us to help individuals and businesses learn a second language, update their language skills for work or pleasure, become culturally diverse, professionally research, and enhance your business.

Meet the Fortis Team

Wallace J. Salkauski, Ph.D.

Dr. Wallace Salkauski is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. He earned a Bachelor's in Spanish and a Master's in Spanish Linguistics from Cleveland State University. Dr. Salkauski earned a doctorate in 2012 from Florida State University with a dual focus in Linguistics and Spanish.  Dr. Salkauski's focus is on psycholinguistics, which is the study of language and the mind. He also has expertise in the role of sound in language processing, bilingual language production, comprehension, sociolinguistics, second language acquisition, and bilingualism.

Dr. Salkauski’s interests and work includes studies in language variation in Spanish and English, bilingualism, the study of grammar in society, and the bilingual advantage in language processing. He has lived or studied in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. The following accolades are also a part of Dr. Salkauski’s professional and educational background:

  • More than 14 years of teaching experience at the university level
  • Recipient of the Dean's 90% award for teaching
  • Extensive public speaking experience
  • Has developed and lead workshops on diversity
  • Expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods, including peer-reviewed publication
  • Invited Speaker
  • Published via peer-review process
  • Extensive experience in academic advising, study abroad advising, and work with honors colleges
  • Expertise in testing and assessment
  • Experience with medical and professional Spanish
  • Expertise in educational and research technologies
  • Has taught courses in linguistics: Spanish language; Bilingualism; Sociolinguistics; Advanced Grammar; Composition and Conversation; Honors Spanish Linguistics; English as a Second Language (in the U.S. and Puerto Rico); Linguistics; Spanish Applied Linguistics

Jaclyn Plona Salkauski, Ph.D.

Dr. Jaclyn Plona Salkauski was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She earned a Bachelor's in Multi-Level Education and Spanish from Baldwin-Wallace University. She continued to earn an M.A. in Spanish from Cleveland State University focusing on Afro-Caribbean studies and  Spanish. Dr. Plona Salkauski has lived and studied abroad in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. She also served for multiple years as a newspaper editor, gained expertise in educational technology, and worked with a taskforce on organizing delegations in Central America. Dr. Plona Salkauski honed her language skills at the prestigious Middlebury College Language School in Vermont.

Dr. Plona Salkauski earned a doctorate in Spanish, with a focus on comparative literature from the Florida State University. Her particular expertise is in Pan-Caribbean literature, analyzing gender and race-driven marginalization in the Hispanophone, Francophone, and Anglophone Caribbean. Her pan-Caribbean analysis of this type of social marginalization was among the first of its kind.

Her additional qualifications include:

  • More than a decade of professional tutoring experience
  • Experience in developing and leading workshops on Instructional Excellence.
  • Serves on the editorial review board for 3 peer-reviewed journals
  • Invited Presenter at national and international conferences
  • More than 16 years of teaching experience at the secondary and University levels
  • Is well-published in peer-reviewed journals and books
  • Expertise in cultural studies
  • Expertise in diversity, including race, gender & ethnicity
  • Has a strong background in U.S. Latino identity studies
  • Expertise in Language Program design and coordination
  • Training and expertise in testing and assessment
  • Background in educational and professional mentorship
  • Experience in translation and interpretation
  • Experience in medical and professional Spanish
  • Experience in Critical Literary Theory, Queer Theory, and Trans-Atlantic studies
  • Has taught courses in Spanish language, intense Spanish, Spanish culture and civilization; Spanish composition, Advanced composition; conversation and grammar; reading comprehension; Hispanic literature; Hispanic film