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Consulting Just Became Easier 

Fortis Consulting maintains as its top priority the delivery of experienced consulting services, including services for vetting the selection of bilingual speaking employees; improving organization; and establishing education programs within your company. We also provide: diversity consulting; provide education about cultural sensitivity and competency, bullying, Equal Employment Opportunity compliance, and sexual harassment; facilitate linguistic appropriateness and grammatical responsibility throughout the workplace.

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Personalized Consulting Services

Our expert consulting services make it easier for you to select the best Spanish-speaking employee for the position. We  work with you to find individuals who are competent and dependable, and who have the exact language skills to meet your needs. In short, we make sure your employee actually speaks Spanish, and speaks well. 

We can also teach your existing staff how to more efficiently communicate with clients and with each other through one of our diversity or language workshops. We are able to organize educational workshops for groups of any size.

Managing Diversity

Let our consultants teach your employees the ins and outs of variation. We offer diversity consulting, where we put a focus on acceptance, tolerance, compliance and inclusivity. Our team will work with your staff to embrace others regardless of perceived differences.