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Bringing Research to You

Fortis Research uses qualitative and quantitative research methods to provide detailed, targeted research to our clients who are looking to make their way into a new sector of the Spanish-speaking market or employ the latest research to improve their business. We also provide research interpretation services. The goal is to make research available to everyday life via the use and implementation of formal research into specific business or everyday contexts. Working directly with the particular needs of each client, we achieve this by designing and performing novel data collection to make a positive impact. Our services include:

  • Customized project design and data collection
  • Analyze current company policy & provide data-driven feedback about its efficiency and effectiveness
  • Examine employee performance 
  • Gain expert knowledge of the intangible aspects of human behavior
  • General assessment and feedback 

Business People

Why Research? 

Research is the exploration and consideration of what you or your business may need to improve functionality, efficiency, and effectiveness in today's marketplace. We assess your needs and design a customized research program based on these needs, and on your goals. 

Document & Report Drafting

Fortis Drafting can provide professional, detailed employee handbooks that accurately reflect the regulations and needs of your business, social group, or organization. Our experts can also help you review resumes, curriculum vitae, cover letters, grant proposals, and college applications. All services are available in English and Spanish. Contact us today for a free estimate and pricing.