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Why the Fortis Method Works

The Fortis ERC method utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to language education, drawing on research in cognition, language processing, the latest in teaching and learning methods, and research on how people processing sound. We apply this knowledge to help people learn Spanish, English as a Second Language, or another language, all as part of a larger community of ever-growing bilinguals.

We tailor each course and class to the individual needs of the learner, making sure the teaching process reflects how the student learns.  We rely on numerous strategies to help you learn, and we allow each learning plan to evolve with the student, and reflect the dynamic process of speaking a second language.

Our professionals use our experiences gained in the field as teachers, tutors, researchers, and authors, to assemble a novel experience based on proven methods that uses the latest technology.

Every individual is assessed free of charge regarding their language ability, aptitude, and natural skill-set. The next step is for us to create an individualized program where we rely on communicative methods and immersion to achieve fluency and make real gains.

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