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Teaching New Ways to Communicate

Our goal is to help people learn a new language. You'll be able to communicate more efficiently in just a few months, using imagination and spontaneity. Whether you're looking to start from the very beginning or hone your skills, we design each class to your specific learning style, your needs, and help you meet your goals. We offer courses to individuals, businesses, medical professionals, police and fire personnel.

We help you learn by focusing using both implicit, cognitive method and explicit learning, while working with your particular skill set. We use interdisciplinary methods to teach, and we adapt our methods to your learning style. The goal is for you to become a more knowledgeable you. Contact us today for your individualized plan or to inquire about the availability of instruction for a profession not listed here.

This Is Your Education

Your education requires comprehensive teaching and learning experiences that combine explicit and implicit learning approaches. We currently offer classes in Spanish and English as a Second Language, for individuals, small businesses, and career professionals. Additionally, we offer workshops on Diversity & Culture, Refresher courses, Tutoring, and Study Skills.

Don't see a language you want to take? Request a language and start working with us now!

We offer the following services:

Small Group Language Classes - Small, personalized groups from 2 to 8 people.                                                               
Diversity & Culture Workshops - One-day, inclusive seminars to provide training and education related to diversity, cultural sensitivity and competency, bullying, Equal Employment Opportunity compliance, LGBT, and sexual harassment. While geared toward businesses and career professionals, this workshop is available to any interested individual.                                                                                                 
Medical Workshops- A one-day session specifically designed to teach medical professionals the necessary basic language and cultural survival skills required for their positions. Includes triage, intake, assessment, cultural sensitivity and small talk - language-specific to our region.               
Continuing Education Courses - Whether you're in the medical field or a certified accountant, these sessions are specialized by subfield for everyone who needs to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). (Current State Certification pending)                                                                                                     
Individual & Group Tutoring- Private or small-group sessions to help you hone your language skills by practicing only what you need to improve upon. We work with adults as well as high school students.                                                                  
Refresher Courses - Courses to provide ongoing practice to maintain current your language and cultural skills.

Online Tutoring- Private tutoring sessions online so you can keep up with your language skills wherever you are. This is perfect for the professional or individual on-the-go.

Fortis First Year - Do you want your student to have the study skills and focus needed to be successful throughout their high school and college years? This class ensures the proper preparation and organizational skills necessary to achieve at your student's highest potential.

Mission Trip Prep Course- This course is a customized, intensive 5 week Spanish course for the participants who are preparing to go on any mission trip. Key skills practiced are medical Spanish and survival Spanish. Sessions are held in-home or in a public location. If you would like to learn more about customizing a Spanish language course, please contact us for more information.

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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Fortis ESL is a way for you to improve your English-language skills. We teach beginning, intermediate and advanced English to students ages 18+. We offer small-group classes (from 2 to 8 people) that give you the opportunity to practice and learn new skills. We provide ESL classes in the following areas: 

• for School - Teaches the basic English skills in reading and writing necessary to be successful in regular, academic courses. (For beginning learners)
• for Work - These sessions will improve your speaking ability, specifically designed for workplace interaction and productivity. (For intermediate and advanced learners)  
• for Survival - Learn necessary, basic spoken English to help you interact with people on a daily basis. (For beginning and intermediate learners)
• for Everyday Life - Here you will learn and practice idiomatic expressions, colloquial (slang) language, and also learn how to use formal and informal varieties. (For intermediate and advanced learners) 


Fortis Conversation

Fortis Conversation is a practical application of the skills taught through Fortis Education. The primary function of our conversation program is to provide individualized or small-group opportunities to practice in the target language. Regardless of one's linguistic ability, we partner you with someone whose sole purpose is to help improve your ability to engage socially with others in the desired language.

During the Conversation sessions you will practice the target language by discussing topics that are commonly found in daily life, speaking about new topics that interest you, and much more. Common goals of Fortis Conversation are to help you improve your grammatical skills, build your vocabulary, and provide any help you may need with pronunciation or linguistic nuances. 

  • Beginning - sessions for beginners to practice basic constructions including introductions, chit-chat or small-talk, all for the purpose of reinforcing basic language skills and preparing you for more advanced conversation.
  • Intermediate - This level solidifies basic conversational skills and introduces new, more involved topics. This is a crucial step to continuing to the advanced level.
  • Advanced- Advanced Conversation helps you go over the necessary skills for discussing more in-depth topics that allow you to show-off your ever-impressive language skills.